Portrait photography

Portrait photography

Portrait photography is a very wide category of photography. Good portraits should reflect you in the best mood, look and style that suites you the best. Everyone is unique and I work with all of my clients individually. I am asking you what you want to show and what you want to hide, so we correct it with posing and choice of cloths. If you are trying to hide something from me there is a good chance I will see it. This is why I appreciate if you tell me to hide or emphasize certain features.

Portrait photographs can be used for business or gifts to your partner, parents, grandparents or your kids. I do believe that it is very important to have your portraits taken and I do believe it should be regular to capture every stage of your life.

How precious are the rare photographs that we have of our great grand parent, grandparents or even earlier generations? How exiting we are getting when holding in our hands black and white photographs of some of ours ancestry! It is priceless!

Everyone deserves to exist in photos not just for their selves but for their family and loved ones.

Now you can see the all importance of your photographs being taken, even if you don’t need it. Your future generations will be more than happy to have them! As a woman and a portrait photographer in Newcastle area I do believe it should be a regular tradition for everyone. With portrait photography you even can celebrate your graduation, your engagement, your promotion, your anniversaries, or any important step in your life. Make a present for yourself, you deserved it! Also portraits are something everyone will appreciate.

Portrait photography can be done for whole family, to find out more information about family photography.