Modelling photography

modelling photography

In today’s modelling industry it is very important to have an excellent modelling portfolio. Modelling portfolio shoots include different looks of a model featuring head snapshots, beauty and fashion photographs. Fashion photo shoot ideas can be absolutely anything, whatever will come into your mind can be reflected on the photo!


Modelling photography ideas

Probably one of the most important things is to keep your portfolio up to date. If you are changing your hair style or hair colour, you should show you current look in your portfolio, so model agencies will know how you look like now. Portfolio photographs should show you in different emotions: laughing, smiling, serious. Especially if you are working for commercial photography and can show how you can advertise products in photos.

Every photographer has their own unique and creative way to see model portfolio photography. It can be a good idea to have in your portfolio photographs from different photographers to give agencies better understanding of you as a model.


Best modelling photography

I will be more than happy to help you create modelling portfolio. I am recommending bringing from seven cloths styles for our consideration, and we will photograph from four to six out of them. We can organise make up and hair styling change for every look or few times during photo session. We are talking about your modelling photo session and we can do what we want, what you need, what works the best for you and be as much creative as we can! I enjoying working with models and I love to be creative. I can make you look good and fabulous. I specialize in very feminine look which you can see it in my portfolio. If it is what you are looking for I am here for you!