Engagement photography

Engagement photography

Getting engaged is an important step in the lives of two people and a marriage proposal is a memorable and wonderful moment. So it would be a good idea to capture it with engagement photography.

Here are several scenarios of an Engagement.

Younger generations are not obliged to seek permission from the bride’s father to marry especially if the young couple have been living together or have children. This is the common practice of proposing to your bride and notifying parents after the proposal has taken place.

The meaning of perfect proposal came to us from Hollywood movies. Getting down on one knee and presenting the engagement ring with the offer of marriage. When choosing a ring, try to consider what your partner will really like. What gold does she like? What gemstones she prefers? Does she like classic diamonds or Australian traditional opal? Maybe she is in love with another gemstone?

The engagement ring is normally worn on the same finger as the wedding ring. To ensure that they successfully combine, an engagement ring is a ring should not be a massive ring. These days there are big variations of bridal sets.

If the day of your official proposal is a day off it will be just perfect and just for the both of you. The whole day will fill with love, happiness and romance.

Marriage proposal could be the best surprise in her life! I could suggest few scenarios for her:

  • organize a serenade under the window.
  • invite everyone for a party and propose in front of everyone.
  • Make a romantic dinner, take away, French cuisine or cook your own dinner.
  • somewhere noisier and unexpected.
  • Invite her to the restaurant.
  • Public proposals are a very brave decision which will be perfect for a Romeo.
  • Something more romantic is involving a walk around the lake, on a boat,
  • under the sun with the sound of ocean coast.


Best engagement photography

Anyone of them can be the best engagement photo idea! Engagement photography can reflect all the love that you have in your hearts! Engagement photo shoots can be done after the proposal and can look like a couple photo session. Something you can show to everyone on your wedding day or use for wedding invitations.

If you are going to celebrate your engagement, here is a great way to capture this event, to find out more information about events photography.