About wedding packages

Here is a little information for you explain why my wedding packages are designed the way they are.

 According to human psychology, each person can perceive 7 + - 2 units of information. What does it mean? In our case the unit of information is a photo. We have the ability to perceive from 5 to 9 photos and neglect the remainder. Off course if we are talking about wedding photos, every couple will be coming back to their wedding photographs from time to time. That is why I choose to not overload my clients with information and giving back a reasonable amount of photos.

All of my wedding packages include more than 100 photos. I designed it that way because it is giving you an average of 1 photo every 2-3 minutes!!!

I am a professional photographer, digital artist and re-toucher. I am editing every photo manually to provide high Fashion Magazines quality images which takes a considerable amount of time. I would call it an art when fashion meets wedding.

So if you want get my quality of your wedding photos – book me now!
I am happy to discuss all the details with you and design a custom wedding package special for you.

Thank you for your time,

Katerina Cotten Photography